Pomax's stroke-based CJK character builder (developed for viewing at 1200x620 or higher)

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composition no compositionleft-right compositiontop-bottom compositionleft-middle-right compositiontop-middle-bottom compositionenclosedboxed overboxed on the leftboxed inboxed on the rightcovered bottom-leftcovered bottom-rightcovered top-rightcovered top-left
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Place regular points by clicking on the canvas, place bezier curve points by click-dragging on the canvas. Points can be undone (but not redone) by typing 'z' on your keyboard. To close a shape (i.e. connect the last point to the first point) type 'c' on your keyboard. To open a shape back up, type 'o' - note that typing 'z' on a closed shape will first open it up; you will need to type 'z' again to undo the actual last point. To draw multiple shapes, first finalise a shape by right-clicking with the mouse, then start placing the next shape's points. Points can be modified after placements using the point control bar in the center of the page. The "composition" backgrounds are visual aids. They are irrelevant to the actual shape being placed.

Todo list:

  • Fix up SVG outline rendering
  • Group point buttons per shape
  • Add "consists of a combination of the following characters: ..." functionality